The Liar

Burning light sets his soul alight, A whisper white, flitting wisp o’er Missed seas and skies of cold, grey mist, His innocence, lost, in a sense, To hide in someone else’s Hyde.  … Continue reading

The Projectionist

He sits in the shadows and waits, unnoticed. As the audience enters, slowly slipping into their seats, oozing like treacle over the auditorium, filling every corner, nook and cranny, the projectionist sits and… Continue reading


Тень весь свéт скрылá, Здесь всé покрылá. Плавáя в нéй, Глотáюсь я éй, И пáльцы еé На тéло моé Втягивáлись глубóко Во всéх и во всé.   Онá тaм стои́т, Везде тéнь нали́т,… Continue reading

Памятники в лесу

Тонкие белые леса стоят. Вокруг меня спички сидят. Растут ли они из земли, Их сажают ли боги, Уверен быть просто нельзя. Об этом не знаю даже я.   Лет сколько назад увяли они?… Continue reading

Ооо, ребята!: Initial thoughts on a ‘Theory of Бабушка-Divergence’ amongst females over 65 in Russia

Anyone who has spent any significant amount of time in Russia cannot have failed to notice the huge deficit of males over 65. The male mortality rate in Russia is still quite a… Continue reading

Top 10: Comedy Horror

Trying to balance gore and laughs is far more difficult than you might think and there are relatively few directors/writers who have managed to pull it off well. Here are ten who did,… Continue reading

Top 10: Gore Fests

These films aren’t necessarily all that good (in fact there are a couple on here which I really do not like at all) however, if all you’re after is an hour and a… Continue reading

Top 10: Foreign Horror

I’m using ‘foreign’ here to mean non-American (because they obviously make the most films by far) and non-Asian (because I’ve already done a separate list for the best Asian horror films here:… Continue reading

Most Unsettling

The films on this list aren’t necessarily the scariest you’ll ever watch but they are ones which will make you feel very uneasy when watching them, for one reason or another. These are… Continue reading

Top 10: Asian Horror

I absolutely adore Asian horror. There’s just something about which is completely different from American or European horror and over the years there have been some great films to come out of the… Continue reading