Top 10: Gore Fests

These films aren’t necessarily all that good (in fact there are a couple on here which I really do not like at all) however, if all you’re after is an hour and a half of all-out blood and guts then these films shouldn’t disappoint. In no particular order:

Tokyo Gore Police (2008)

Tokyo Gore Police

I believe this is now the third list on which I have featured this film and that is because I simply love it to bits. Never have I said “What the fuck?!” more than when I was watching this film for the first time. If I were to say that the main plot device is that new-age criminals called ‘Engineers’ are roaming Tokyo and causing havoc due to some recently acquired genetic mutations – namely that any time a limb is cut off it regrows as a weapon, whether that be an arm becoming a chainsaw or a penis becoming a machine gun (yes, you read that correctly) – then you’d probably start to get the picture. Other ‘peculiarities’ include a wrist-cutting competition, Japanese teenage girls blacking up and a quadruple amputee gimp dog with swords for legs (see above picture). One of the silliest, most fun, most bizarre and just all-out goriest films you will ever watch. (

Hellraiser (franchise)


One of the classic horror franchises from Clive Barker. Although the cenobite’s line may be “We will tear your soul apart” that is not to say that certain characters aren’t also very physically torn apart. Special mention should be made here for the superb special effects during the rebirth scene where Frank must regrow from his own decaying corpse – keep in mind this was filmed back in the 80’s. (

Maskhead (2009)


I personally did not enjoy this film and would not really recommend it. But, that being said, if gore is what you are after then this should satisfy your needs. More or less a mock snuff film with some fairly poor acting but at times worryingly realistic special effects. The final scene is just beyond unpleasant and does not bear describing here. You have been warned. (

Saw (franchise)


This is my all-time favourite franchise and one that is well-known for its gore by genre and non-genre fans alike. What I feel sets this apart from many other gore/slasher films is the ingenuity of the traps. If you watch any of the behind-the-scenes clips on the DVDs you’ll find out that a worrying amount of the traps built for the film aren’t actually props, they could actually work if they were connected to a power supply – an example is the trap above from Saw III. Well, something to think about isn’t it… (

Murder Set Pieces (2004)

Murder Set Pieces

This low-budget, disturbing indie horror about a German photographer in Las Vegas who kills prostitutes for fun in his spare time is still banned in the UK. I’m not surprised really. There is a lot of blood and gore in this and some fairly messed-up scenes – the worst of which is probably where he strangles an 8-year-old girl in a public toilet. Not for anyone who’s not a serious genre fan. (

Hostel (2005)


This is another film on this list which I don’t personally like. Nevertheless if gore is what you want in a film then you should enjoy this film even if I wouldn’t recommend it myself. (

Inside (2007)


The French have been making some really brutal horror films over the last decade and this one beats most of them. Just when you think that the production company must surely have used up their fake blood budget you are positively drenched with another bucket of red goop! Extreme and chilling, this is another which isn’t for those with a weak stomach – though I guess not many films on this list are! (

Martyrs (2008)


Another French entry here. Unlike some of the films on this list, this one is actually an all-round good film and not just one for gore fans (though such fans won’t be disappointed). The end scene includes some of the best special effects I have seen for some time and the image will stay with you for quite a while afterwards. (

Ichi The Killer (2001)

Ichi The Killer

Just like Tokyo Gore Police this film has already featured on some of my other lists and just like Tokyo Gore Police it is one of my favourite films. This is another which will be thoroughly enjoyed not just by gore fans and is another sign that Takashi Miike really is a master of horror. I may be fairly unfazed by most gore but even I must admit to fidgeting rather uncomfortably in my chair during the tongue-offering scene. (

Braindead/Dead Alive (1992)

Dead Alive 1

Supposedly one of the goriest films ever made this is what Peter Jackson was getting up to before he started working with orcs and elves and hobbits and wizards. (