The Liar

Burning light sets his soul alight,

A whisper white, flitting wisp o’er

Missed seas and skies of cold, grey mist,

His innocence, lost, in a sense,

To hide in someone else’s Hyde.


Cruel demon eyes him demonise,

Twixt haughty laughs, laughing cohorts

Of strangers, strange as e’er there was

In nightmares ruled by dun-white mares,

The reins a-froth, their dark blood rains.


But he sought dreams of other sorts,

To right the wrongs, and fate re-write,

To speak a truth from on this peak,

And whisk away that wicked whisker

His lips a-piercing, as down he slips,


His lies fore’er a secret sly,

The liar drowns, as lyres sound,

Whilst beasts him trap, on doors they rap,

And with sleight of hand, this slighted man

In cages catch, whilst blood-ink ages.


Fore’er stuck fast, for air he gasps,

And drags himself ‘gainst fetid rags

O’ ghastly chains, his face aghast,

As on and on the inferno’s sun

Here rages, as the liar ages…