Finally, A Horror Film For Language Nerds

An alternative title I considered for this review was, “The Best Outbreak Movie Whose Outbreak You Never See”. However having viewed the entire film this wouldn’t have been entirely true and didn’t seem… Continue reading

Top 10: Most Fun Horror Films

In my mind, these are distinct from comedy-horror films which set out to be funny and entertaining on purpose – although some could probably be called comedy-horror films. These are films which, for… Continue reading

Top Real Scares

First horror review-type post here. Although I’ve put it in the category ‘Top 10’ the more eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted there are more than ten films here, but I’m sure you’ll… Continue reading

Kasperl (English)

Here is the English translation of the German horror short which I published on the previous page.   On a hill in a remote region of Northern Moravia stood the house, surrounded by… Continue reading

Kasperl (Deutsch)

The following is a short ghost story I originally wrote for a modern languages journal at my university which can be viewed here: ( Below is the original German version (with grammar corrected… Continue reading


There it was again. Faint, barely audible. But there, nonetheless. In amongst all the crackle of endless, empty frequencies a voice could be heard. At least, that’s what it sounded like to the… Continue reading

A Blurby Thing (Updated)

Sometimes I like to write random stuff, cos I’m cool like that. I’ve never had much feedback on anything I’ve ever written so I thought I’d have a go at posting some of… Continue reading